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Ian Vesey - Solicitor & Higher Courts Advocate (Criminal), Head Of Immigration

Ian Vesey

Solicitor & Higher Courts Advocate (Criminal)

Ian has worked in the law since leaving school in Manchester aged 18, working with a large firm before leaving for Birmingham to take his law degree. Ian qualified in February 1999 & after a short period as an Assistant Solicitor he and 4 others started their own firm. Ian has been self-employed ever since and now is the managing partner of Vesey Solicitors based in Alum Rock.

The bulk of that time Ian has been involved in criminal law, becoming a Duty Solicitor and latterly a Higher Court’s Advocate (HCA). This gives him the same rights as a Barrister in the Criminal Jurisdiction. It has been obvious in Criminal Law that the Government are not going to fund it to the extent that was previously the case. Ian developed his own expertise into fields of Family and Immigration.

Whilst maintaining his attendance at the Magistrates and Crown Courts, Ian has, with his Business partner, developed the firm into to the niche areas of SE Asian immigration. We now have dedicated Thai and Vietnamese caseworkers and are developing into other areas too. Ian has used his business knowledge to develop in the areas of Business Sponsorship, and Business related visas.

Naz Afsar Williams – Solicitor, Head of Immigration & American Attorney

Naz Afsar Williams

Partner, Head of Immigration & American Attorney

Naz is newly qualified as a Solicitor but has a wealth of experience behind her. She has worked in immigration for a good number of years and is getting great results in the field with Vesey Solicitors.

Sonia Shafiq – Solicitor

Sonia Shafiq


Newly qualified Sonia is moving on from dealing with Crown Court matters to appear in the Magistrates Court as she gets on her feet. She will be appearing at court as well as preparing cases for trial. She will also be dealing with immigration matters.

Naila Akthar - Solicitor, Head of Family

Naila Akthar

Solicitor, Head of Family

Naila is an experienced solicitor especially in the field of family law. She has been involved with family law since her training contract and been qualified now some 6 years and she regularly appears before the Courts in the Midlands on behalf of clients.

Andy Morris - Practice manager

Andy Morris

Practice Manager

Andy is a very experienced practice manager and IT man. You may well not come across him too often, but like all Vesey’s staff he does pitch in and will assist if he takes your call.

Paige Duong - Vietnamese speaking caseworker

Paige Duong

Vietnamese-speaking Caseworker

Paige is really developing since joining us just over a year ago. Gaining from on the job experience and attending a specialist Immigration Course, Paige has rapidly honed her skills. Paige now takes matters on her own, but under the supervision of Naz. She has also been developing her experience of entrepreneur visas and the complexities surrounding those applications.

Jayne Greatrex - Criminal Caseworker

Jayne Greatrex

Criminal Caseworker

Jayne is a very experienced member of our team and her patience at dealing with the follow-ups on police stations in particular is greatly appreciated. She is also your first point of contact at the office and more than capable of dealing with most issues & getting the information you need.

Quyen Van – junior Vietnamese caseworker

Quyen Van

New junior Vietnamese Caseworker

Quyen has just joined the firm and will be working directly under Naz in the office whilst she develops her knowledge. She will also be answering questions that come in on the Vietnamese Facebook page.

Yo Vesey - Thai speaking caseworker

Yo Vesey

Thai-speaking Caseworker

Yo is coming full time into the office from sometime in April. She will be dealing with enquiries in particular from Thai speakers. She will also be dealing with queries and take calls to ensure the more senior fee earners can concentrate on cases.

Jojo Uthayotha - Thai speaking caseworker

Jojo Uthayotha

Thai-speaking Caseworker

Jojo is a very experienced translator and immigration caseworker. She will be attending at the office more once the practice has moved to its new location. She recently manages the Facebook Thai page and deals with most queries that come through on that.

Vera Li - junior Mandarin Caseworker

Vera Li

New junior Mandarin Caseworker

Vera will be working in the office taking Mandarin calls and assisting Naz in dealing with Mandarin speakers in the office. Vera is part time at the moment so please check with the office and we can confirm she will be present. Vera will also be answering questions on the Chinese Facebook page.

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