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Immigration Scam


There is a scam doing the rounds at the moment that is quite worrying in terms of the details that the scammers have been able to obtain to make them sound convincing.
They are calling people pretending to be from the UK Home Office and giving the person receiving the call their own passport numbers and visa number and own mobile phone.
They tell the person they are investigating them for being illegal in he UK and request a large sum of money to “look into this.” One person who has been targeted  had entered as a Points Based System dependent. The victim has then  paid £1900.00 via this call.

Clearly this is very worrying as the information the scammers have is the information the Home Office employees have when applicants collect their Biometric Residence Permit at the Post Office and the Home Office are concerned there maybe security breaches at the Post Office.

The Home Office are aware and it as well as warning people about this to be alert it would be useful to provide feedback to them if someone has been the victim of this.

If you receive a call like this ask them for a number and say you will call back once you have spoken to your lawyer.  If anyone is concerned please contact your Solicitor to see what should be done. If you don’t have a solicitor feel free to contact us in a free appointment.

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